When Siri met Watson: mapping semantic solutions

Recently, there have been many cases of solutions (software & hardware) that follow a similar pattern. The following map organizes a selection of these recent solutions (such as Siri, Watson, Project Glass, Kinect) and aims to uncover the connection between them and help in imagining new solutions along the same lines. The common pattern that can be seen among the majority of the solutions which appear in the map is their unstructured input which is turned algorithmically into a 'semantic model' that enables different kinds of processing, visualization and realization - or in short 'semantic solutions'.

One can argue that all human-made software is basically semantic but I think that these recent solutions take this characteristic to a whole new level. Even though they seem unrelated the semantic pattern as was described earlier unifies them.

The callouts in this map are marked in green - existing solutions, yellow - solutions not yet widely available and red - a selection of my own ideas for the future (without doing a thorough research on their originality). Many of the callouts link to the solutions' websites (the red arrows). Some exceptions to the pattern are marked with star(s). A special placeholder callout in the map asks: what is your favorite semantic IDE feature?.


Map of semantic solutions Semantic Model Input Media Audio Speech Photo Video Sketch Text Processing Recognition ID Examples: Name, License plate, Library c ... Face.com Specific Painting,  Landmark Google Goggles Class Examples: Male/Female, Car model, Scient ... Shazam Category Examples: Person, Car, Animal, Book Description Descriptive Camera** Editing Create,  Retrieve,  Update,  Delete Objects Semantic  Editing, Encoding & Decoding o ... Adobe Photoshop Content  Aware Fill** Makeup EZface Source Code What is your favorite semantic IDE featu ... Analysis What-if Interlude** System for Negotiation Orchestration in  ... Time Future Predictions Face  Aging  Software Past Source Forensics Automation via Semantic Techni ... Search Google Knowledge Graph Ads targeting Gender-specific ad content Linked Data The Semantic Web Healthcare IBM Watson Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE Skin Analysis Software Navigation Google Self-Driving Car Answers Apple Siri Compression Orders of MaGnitude COMPRESSION: Using s ... Assisting the Disabled HEaring Loss Problems Miminized Endeavor ... Visually Impaired Scene Understanding, A ... Output Visualization Camera Zoom Microsoft Deep Zoom** Focus Lytro** Point of view RotaryView Microsoft Photosynth Resolution Visual Retargeting: Adjusting the semant ... Realization Virtual Reality Second Life* Physical Reality Manufacturing Product Configurator Software* 3D Printing Autodesk 123D Catch Biology Surgery Plastic/ Cosmetic  Surgery  Software Genome Sequencing Genome  Compiler  Corp Augmented Reality Ogmento Google Project Glass Contents Properties Size, Shape, Color, Texture Time (Age) Text Optical Character Recognition Language Word Lens Location Movement Gesture Microsoft Kinect Generators Blueprint Reverse Engineering Automated Learner: A ... Cognitive Model Linguistic Profiling Big-data-based Psychological  Modeling:  ... Human Author Mimicking via Language Extr ... * Solutions missing unstructured input   ...